25 Days of Christmas Tags with Jillibean Soup

Hello friends! I’m back with a fun collaboration with Tracey McNeely and Jillibean Soup. Every year, Tracey puts together this super impressive collaboration with 25 different sponsors (seriously guys, I was floored when I scrolled thru her previous years posts). Head over to her blog for all the details on how to be entered in all of the giveaways.


Anyway, here’s a look at the tag I created for today’s sponsor, Jillibean Soup:


I haven’t snagged any of the new Christmas stamps and shakers yet. (Although I do have my eye on this set, and this one…and maybe this one too. Lol.) So my tag for today was created with all non-holiday themed products!

I started with one of the shaker tags, but cut it in half so I was using the non-shaker cut part.


Then I used one of the leaf stamps included in the Jar Goodness set to create a wreath. I traced a washi tape roll, and stamped around the circle in two shades of green to create the wreath.

I decided the wreath needed “holly berries” to make it look more festive. So I used some jewels from the birthday mix as my berries.


The banner die is from the Barn Door stamp/die set. I cut it on white cardstock and used some red ink to change its color. Then I used the letter stickers on the Miso Happy coordinating stickers to spell out the word “Joy”. I popped the entire banner up on foam and attached it to my tag base.

Since I brought in the color black with the letter stickers, I decided to add some black splatters as well. I used some black watercolors and a small brush to splatter.


I finished off the card with some tiny jingle bells from my stash, along with a red ribbon bow. And that’s it! A Christmas tag with no Christmas products!

Make sure you head over to Tracey’s blog for even more inspiration and enter to win the giveaways!

xo, Kira

30 Days of Thankful Share: Days 8-14

I’m back again with another look at my 30 days of thankful album.  I have been able to keep up on it and, so far, haven’t fallen behind.  So here’s a look at my second week…

Day 8:  animal/pet

I deviated from my list much more this week, which is totally fine!  No rules in this, right?  So day 8 I documented our dog, Folsom.  A few weeks ago I found a few masses on Folsom, and I had a little momentary freak out that he was dying, like tomorrow.  But we took him to the vet, had some blood work done (which looked great) and decided we would just wait and watch the growths.  I know as a 12 year old Labrador, he doesn’t have years and years left with us.  So right now, I am just grateful for every second he is with us.

Day 9:  routine

As a stay at home to two littles, my day is FULL of routine.  Wake up, breakfast, cartoons, brush teeth, play, lunch…you get it.  And part of our weekly routine includes baking cookies.  Fish only lets us bake chocolate chip cookies, so I have the recipe almost memorized…he will soon too, I am sure.  But I love this little routine we have and it’s fun to have fresh baked cookies ready for daddy when he gets off work.

Day 10:  place

There’s no where I would rather be than home.  And home for us is wild kids and calm dogs.  I am grateful for it all.

Day 11:  food

Well, drink.  I decided to include my husband’s new hobby of beer brewing.  I bought him the equipment for Father’s Day and he has enjoyed the hobby so much.  I am grateful that he now has a hobby to occupy his free time, and it is something we can enjoy together.

Day 12:  work

My “work” is caring for my children and let’s be real, I talk about them way too much as it is.  But I rarely talk about the job that pays the bills, which is my husband’s job as a mail carrier.  There’s not much he likes about his job (which I totally get because I worked for the post office too and it’s pretty awful), but he has a couple “dog friends” on his route that I know really make his day.  I asked him for a picture of the new one.  This cute guy showed up a couple of weeks ago and seemed pretty scared of my husband, but my husband has slowly been building his trust and now the dog will happily accept his daily dog biscuit.  It’s the little things like this that make me smile and appreciate my husband’s job a bit more.

Day 13:  color

Fall is kind of non-existent in San Antonio.  It’s pretty warm until December and we don’t get the lovely falling leaves that change color.  It’s pretty green year round.  But I’m from the PNW, I like the color green.  So when Ellie handed me this green “flower”, I snapped a picture.  I am so grateful for these gifts my boys give me.

Day 14:  holiday

Fish is finally reaching an age where holidays are exciting and fun.  Halloween this year was especially fun.  It was the first year Fish picked out his own costume, and then chose a costume for Ellie that coordinated.  So trick or treating was a blast.  I loved making the costumes, and I loved seeing how excited Fish was to dress up and show off his new outfit.

So that’s it so far!  Have you been continuing in your album?  I’ll be back here in a week to share more of my album!  Thanks for stopping by!


30 Days of Thankful Share

Well, week one of my 30 days of Thankful album is done. I’m loving the simple approach I decided to take this year and I’m happy to report, there hasn’t been any set backs so far. So let’s take a look at my album!

For my first page, I used a PL card from Citrus Twist and acrylic piece from Color Cast Designs. Then I used a label to stamp out the month and year of this album.

Day 1: spouse

I actually didn’t journal for this page. I feel like I owe my entire life to Chris. And maybe I should’ve written that on here. But there just seemed like so much I should thank him for, that I got the idea for a whole layout about it. And I thought that was pretty awesome, that this little project could spark something larger!

Day 2: kids/pets

As much as my kids drive me crazy sometimes, I am forever grateful that I get to be their mom. They’ve taught me compassion and patience and that your heart only grows larger with every passing year. I try to tell my kids all the time how lucky I am to be their mom, but sometimes it’s nice to have it in writing, right?

Day 3: home

We recently did some renovations on our house. And honestly, I’m grateful for that! I love that we live in a fixer upper that allows us the opportunity to put our stamp on it.

Day 4: quiet

My kids are both in this in between phase where sometimes they need naps, and sometimes they don’t. It’s really a toss up most days. But if my youngest needs a nap, he ends up crashing in the rocking chair and we declare “quiet time” in the house. My oldest can either take a nap, play quietly or play outside (weather permitting). And I just love this time of day. It’s when I can relax, catch up with friends, listen to a podcast and craft.

Day 5: hobby

No surprise that I’m so grateful for my hobbies, all of which are crafting related. I love this photo of my new giant pegboard and a clean desk, ready to be crafted on.

Day 6: friends

I was a total Facebook creeper for this page. I stole photos from the friends I could. But my bestie is sort of anti-sharing herself online. So I included a few screenshots from texts as well. I don’t know that I could accurately put into words how much these ladies mean to me, regardless of never having met them in person. And there’s so many more friends from Instagram that I didn’t include. Basically I’m grateful for the entire crafting community…YOU included!

Day 7: nature

This is the first day I deviated from the order of the prompt list…and that’s okay. I didn’t number the list for this very reason. I wanted to give myself the freedom to deviate.

I’m actually not a huge fan of being outdoors. But I love the river walk. And so do the kids. There’s all sorts of animals to see in the water including ducks, turtles and even snakes!! It’s a really fun walk to take the kids on and I don’t want to forget it if we end up moving away from San Antonio.

So there’s my first week! How’s your album coming along? I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram if you use my prompts!

xo, Kira

Creating an Embroidered Pennant Embellishment

I made a page recently (it’ll be live on the 22nd) where I created an embroidered banner embellishment for my page. I became sort of obsessed with the layout and thought for a minute that ~maybe~ I needed to add embroidered banners to every layout. Lol. And although I’m not discounting the idea completely, I thought it might be fun to try different styles.

The first style I decided to experiment with is a sports pennant banner. And I thought I’d share how it came together.

First thing you’ll want to do is decide what you’d like on your banner. I kept mine simple and classic with my son’s name in a sort of “sporty” font. To turn this into a cut file I first typed his name into a word document. Using the word effects, I chose the effect that starts the word out large and tapers smaller. Then use the snipping tool to grab a screenshot of your word.

Once you have your screen shot, you’ll import it into your die cut machine software (I use Cricut design space) and size it however large you’d like it. Keep in mind that your banner will be about 1″ wider on the left and about 2″ wider on the right. I sized mine to 5.5″.

Instead of using the cut feature, you’ll use the draw feature. This will allow you to draw your pattern onto a piece of fabric. I use inexpensive muslin fabric for things like this. I grabbed about 4 yards on sale a month ago and use it for all sorts of little projects. But if you’re new to embroidery, I’d recommend a fabric that’s a little more stiff or adding some interfacing to a thin fabric.

Once your pattern is drawn on your fabric, you’ll start your embroidery. I kept mine super simple with a backstitch around the letters in a single color. But you could get as intricate as you’d like, a satin stitch would look amazing here!

After I stitched my son’s name, I needed to cut the pennant shape. This might sound odd, but I cut the shape out on vellum first. This way, I could lay it on top of the name and make sure the sizing was right. Then I cut around the vellum triangle.

To give it that handmade look, after cutting, I ran my fingernail around the edges of the pennant to fray the fabric. Then I took a piece of cardstock that was 1″ x 6″ and folded it in half, length wise. I added some adhesive to the inside of the folds to hold my fabric in place. This allowed me to machine stitch down the paper without worrying about the fabric moving out of place.

And you’re done! I used my November kit from The Wild Hare Kits to complete this layout about my son bringing me “flowers”.

I placed my banner vertically down the page, and made three clusters around the banner with the Whimsical flower die cuts included in my kit.

I’m definitely obsessing over how this turned out! And I hope you try this technique on your own pages! I know this won’t be the last time you see it from me!

Affiliate link Supply List (I get a small commission if you buy any of the items listed below, thank you!):

Background paper, Paige Evans floral die cut pack, Along the Way sticker sheet, Along the Way die cut ephemera

xo, Kira

Thirty Days of Thankful Preparations

Have you participated in a November Thankful project (referred to as #30daysofthankful, #thankful30, #30daysofthankfulness, or some variation)? Last year was the first time I had attempted a Thankful album. Here’s a look at my travelers notebook from 2017:

I made it about halfway before I was totally over it. As November approaches, I’ve been trying to decide if I was ready to give this project another shot. But first I needed to figure out what went wrong with last year and how I would remedy it this year.

First off, what went wrong?

1. I did not prepare much for this project. I sort of decided last minute that I would participate. And I didn’t have a game plan for how I would complete it.

2. I decided to use a TN as my album base, which would’ve been fine, except I was relatively new to using TNs and hadn’t really found my groove with them yet.

3. For each day, I was completing a full two page spread. It was less of a mini album, and more like an actual album. By day 8, I was tired of making full page spreads. So for day 9-12 I just wrote my Thankful items on labels, which I hated the look of. And then I did nothing after.

4. I used very specific prompts. One prompt was “a delicious dessert”. But last year, during November, we were in the process of moving. I wasn’t making desserts. We weren’t buying desserts. I wasn’t even thinking about desserts.

So here’s my plan to remedy these problems:

1. Keep it simple: journaling, maybe a picture, very little embellishing. There’s no need for me to make a full page spread for every prompt this time around.

2. Have a plan: I decided to keep this year’s album small. I grabbed this 3×4 wood album cover from Color Cast Designs. I gathered a bunch of pocket life cards from my stash. And a few embellishments.

3. Make my own prompts:

My goal with these prompts was to make them specific enough that I wouldn’t have to think hard about what to write for the day. But also general enough that they could be interpreted differently by everyone. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own album!)

Hopefully this plan works for me and I can complete my album this month! Check back throughout the month to see how I’m doing! And tag me on social media if you end up using these prompts!

xo, Kira

Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts: Part 6

This series didn’t seem complete without touching on one of the biggest trends in both the scrapbooking world and stamping world at the moment: travelers notebooks.

I jumped on this trend about a year ago. But it took me awhile (about a year if I’m being honest) to feel really comfortable with this format. (Pro tip: sketches help!)

And for the better part of the year, I definitely wasn’t stamping IN my travelers notebooks! I was so nervous I’d mess up a page and then the entire notebook would be ruined!! It seems silly now.

But I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone and have been stamping in my TN much more frequently. Here’s a look at a layout I made for today:

I have about a million pictures of my kids on their new trampoline. So I’ve been sticking a lot of them in my TN because there’s not a lot of story to go along with them, or I already scrapped the story. Either way, I’m not too worried about journaling here.

I started with this idea of stamping all these gears (from this Jillibean Soup stamp set) in multiple colors all over my page. Since my TN is getting pretty full, it kind of dictated where my stamping will go.

One of the reasons stamping in your TN is so awesome, is because it’s flat. This travelers notebook I’m working in is pretty chunky. At this point, I don’t want to add a lot of items with dimension. So for my title, I decided to use a stamp as well. I stamped it prior to stamping my gears. And then used masking paper to mask it off while I continued stamping my pattern.

I ended up with this really fun, colorful pattern. (Which also looks exactly like this paper, but took me 45 minutes to complete *insert eye roll*).

Here’s a couple more examples of me stamping on TN spreads:

And if you’re interested in this form of scrapbooking, I recommend checking out the work of Heba, Melanie and Sarah.

This wraps up my stamping on layouts series! I hope you found all my tips and tricks useful! Tag me on Instagram @kira.gets.crafty if you use any of these techniques! I’d love to see what you’re making!

xo, Kira

Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts: Part 5

When I came up with this idea to make a blog series on stamping on scrapbook layouts, I wrote down all of the ideas I had for different parts of this series. And naively I wrote down “mixed media”. Because stamps are awesome to use for mixed media layouts!! But guess what guys? I don’t do mixed media. I mean, I do, but in a much more controlled sense. Here’s a look at the layout I made today using stamps and mixed media:

It’s a scraplift of this layout I made for Ink Road Stamps a few months ago:

Which is still one of my favorite layouts I’ve ever made, honestly. I have a process video on how I made it, if you’d like to watch.

So when I thought about how I combine stamps and mixed media, my Easter layout was the first one to come to mind. And it was so easy to make, and I love it so much, why not make a new version of it?!

This technique can easily be used with just about any stamp you own. I chose a balloon since I had chosen to scrap this cute photo of my son eating his brothers birthday “cake”.

So, choose your stamp, and your inks. I wanted to use up some of these Confetti Wishes supplies I had, so I chose inks that coordinated. But I love the idea of a rainbow of inks like I used in my original layout.

Then take your stamp and place it on your acrylic block image side facing DOWN. On a larger acrylic block stamp your ink directly on the block and then add water to turn it into a watercolor-like consistency. Stamp your downward facing stamp into the ink and then onto the page. By using the stamp, you’re basically doing the “smooshing” technique but in a controlled way so that your smooshed image is roughly the same shape as your stamp. Do this as many times and in any pattern you like.

Once your background is done, you’ll set it aside to dry. Flip your stamp back to the right side up on your block. Using the same ink pads (not the ink-y water used previously), you’ll stamp out images on vellum. Once these dry (which will depend on the type of ink you use), fussy cut (or use a die) your images.

Use a small amount of glue to adhere the vellum on top of the mixed media. Then using a sewing machine, stitch down the center of your images. (If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can skip this step).

Then it’s just a matter of embellishing your page! I hope you try this technique out for yourself. Here’s a few more examples of combining mixed media with stamps:

I’ll be back at the end of the month for the final part of this series!

xo, Kira